{Where Vulnerability and Manliness Meet}

Boy’s don’t cry. Buck up. Take it like a man. Grow a pair of balls. We’ve all heard it before. I have, and I do. Young men are consistently told that their emotions are not valid, that they are not able to feel anything deeper than the kiddy pool of emotions that our cultural narrative … Continue reading {Where Vulnerability and Manliness Meet}

{Look at the Stars: Life Giving Moments in the Hurry}

If there is anything that is clear about being a third year student in college, it’s this: life is hectic. We live our lives basically by how a syllabus is structured and made. Everything from the first day of classes to the last day is spelled out in Times New Roman size twelve point font. … Continue reading {Look at the Stars: Life Giving Moments in the Hurry}

Our Journey Starts Here: Unfiltered

Welcome to Unfiltered: Ongoing Conversations, a blog dedicated to talking about life, faith, and the things in between. I'm not very interested in only talking about one thing, and stopping it there, but rather, I hope to wet your appetite for a much longer and robust line of thought about life and what it means … Continue reading Our Journey Starts Here: Unfiltered